FASS 95 Series Replacement Fuel Filter Fleetguard FF5712 3 Micron

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FASS 95 Series Lift Pump Replacement Fuel Filter Set

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FASS 95 Series Replacement Fuel Filter is now offered as the Fleetguard FF5712 - 3 Micron diesel fuel filter.

This FASS Replacement Fuel Filter for the FASS 95 Series / Titanium Series Pumps was produced before February 18th 2011.

This FASS 95 Series Replacement Filter features:

  • This Is a Fleetguard FF5712 Fuel Filter, which is a 3-Monron replacement fuel filter.
  • It is made by Fleetguard, the original manufacturer of the FASS 95 Series Filters.
  • Offers the highest filtration levels available by filtering your Diesel Fuel to a 3 Micron rating.
  • It helps preserve the integrity of your entire fuel injection system.
  • Offered as a direct replacement fuel filter for the now discontinued FASS FF-2003 and FASS FF-2010 Fuel Filters.

    Fleetguard 3 Micron Replacement Fuel Filter Change Intervals:

    • For the best engine performance possible, remember to change your FASS 95 Series filters at regular intervals with the Fleetguard FF5712.
    • FASS FF5712 Fuel Filter change intervals are between 15,000 and 30,000 miles based on fuel quality.
    • A bad load of fuel will require an immediate fuel filter change.
    • KLM Performance recommends that you keep a spare set of FASS 95 Series Replacement Filters in your truck at all times.
    • Keeping an extra set of FASS 95 Series replacement filters in your vehicle is far cheaper than calling for a tow!
    • Please make sure this FASS FF5712 is the correct filter for your FASS Titanium Series Pump!
    We stock all of the FASS 95 Series / Titanium Series Fuel Systems Replacement Fuel Filters.

    FASS 95 Series Replacement  Fuel Filter sold as the Fleetguard FF5712 - 3 Micron diesel fuel filter.

      NOTE: FASS has discontinued this diesel fuel filter. Your filter order will be completed with a Fleetguard premium-grade diesel fuel filter, which provides the same filtration levels. 

      NOTE: The image portrayed does not accurately represent the filter offered, such as this Two Micron Titanium / 95 Series Filter. This descriptive product text provides you with the full knowledge of what FASS replacement diesel fuel filter you are purchasing for your FASS 95 Series or early Titanium Series lift pump. Your replacement filter set will not have the FASS Logo on it but will be marked as Fleetguard filters

      • by KLM Performance
      • Engine : All diesels engines running a FASS 95 Series lift pump.
      • Flow Rate : All FASS 95 Series Pumps from 95 to 290 gallons per hour.
      • Item Number : Fleetguard FF5712
      • Make
      • Model : Diesel
      • Year : N/A
      • Manufacturer Part No : FF5712
      • Product Application : FASS Titanium and 95 Series Pumps produced before 02/18/2011
      • Height : 4
      • Width : 8
      • Brand : Fleetguard
      • FAQ :
      • Part Number : FF5712
      • Manufacturer : Fleetguard Cummins Filtration
      • Product Note : This is a Fleetguard Diesel Fuel Filter sold as an available alternative for the discontinued FASS Replacement Fuel Filter for the FASS 95 Series / Titanium Series Pumps produced before February 18th of 2011.

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