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Cummins Filtration Fleetguard

Fleetguard 3831852S

Fleetguard 3957158S Water In Fuel Sensor


Fleetguard 3957158S Replacement Water In Fuel Sensor




 Fleetguard 3957158S WIF - Water In Fuel Sensor

The Fleetguard 3957158S WIF - Water In Fuel Sensor applications:

  • Diesel Pro® FH235 Series Fuel Water Separators
  • Diesel Pro® FH236 Series Fuel Water Separators
  • Sea Pro® 6 Triplex Fuel Water Separators
  • Sea Pro® 7 Single Fuel Water Separators
  • Sea Pro® 7 Duplex Fuel Water Separators
  • Sea Pro® 7 Triplex Fuel Water Separators

Fleetguard 3957158S Water In Fuel Sensor Replacement Water In Fuel Sensor - WIF SENSOR is the OEM part to replace the Chrysler 4429116 Water-In-Fuel Sensor. This Fleetguard 3831852S 5.9L Dodge Cummins Water Sensor is installed in the bottom of the fuel filter element and is designed to sense the presence of water in the diesel fuel supply.

The Fleetguard 3957158S WIF - Water In Fuel Sensor Specifications:

  • Resistance Across Pins 82 kΩ ±2% (at 25° C)
  • Voltage Rating 5 – 50 VDC or VAC
  • Signal Type Analog
  • Thread 1/2" 20 UNF-2B
  • Output Deutsch Connector EDLRDT13-2PR-002
  • WIF Harness Deutsch Connector DT06-2S
  • Height to Water Sensing (Switch is in ON Position) 0.58" (14.73 mm)
  • Overall Length 2.328" (59.12 mm)
  • Length – Top of Probe to Bottom of Knuckle 1.201" (30.50 mm)
  • Length – Bottom of Knuckle to Top of Pin 0.79" (20.0 mm)
  • Distance Between Pins (Center to Center) 0.215" (5.46 mm)

Specifications of the Fleetguard 3957158S WIF Sensor are subject to change without notice.

NOTE:  Depending on the model of your Cummins Diesel Fuel Water Separator Single, Dual, Duplex, Triple or Triplex model the location of this replacement WIF Sensor 3957158S port can be located on the bottom, left side or right side of the housing.

This replacement Fleetguard 3957158S Replacement Water In Fuel Sensor includes:

  • 395171585S Water-In-Fuel Sensor
  • Installation Instructions Sheet

    This is a Genuine Cummins Replacement Part that is a direct replacement for your Cummins Fuel Water Separator Assembly. 

    • Engine: Select Diesel Engine 
    • Item Number: FG 3957158S 
    • Make:  Cummins 
    • Model
    • Year
    • Manufacturer Part No: 3957158S 
    • Product Application: Diesel Pro® FH235, Diesel Pro® FH236, Sea Pro® 6 Triplex, Sea Pro® 7 Single, Sea Pro® 7 Duplex and Sea Pro® 7 Diesel Fuel Water Separator Assemblies.
    • Height: 4
    • Width: 5
    • Brand: Fleetguard
    • FAQ:
    • Part Number:3957158S 
    • Manufacturer: Fleetguard
    • Product Note: This is an OEM replacement Fleetguard 3957158S water in fuel sensor.

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