Fleetguard FS1001 Fuel Water Separator

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Fleetguard FS1001 Ten Micron Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter

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Fleetguard FS1001 Diesel Fuel Water Separator

This Fleetguard FS1001 is a replacement Fuel and Water Separator that separates water from the fuel and removes significant contaminants while offering superior filtration levels to the FASS FS-1001 Water Separator. The Fleetguard FS1001 Fuel/Water Separator is a High-Efficiency Fuel and Water Separator containing the patented Stratapore Filter Media. This diesel fuel water separator filter is a Spin On diesel fuel filter with a 10 Micron Filtration rating. This diesel water separator filter offers a finer filtration medium to remove water from your diesel fuel. The water removal capability of this premium quality filter helps to ensure the longevity of your entire fuel injection system and reduce bacteria growth. The draining of the diesel fuel filter on a regular basis will promote an extended filter lifespan.

The Fleetguard FS1001 filter benefits:

  • It has a metal housing which now makes this Fuel Water Separator an environmentally friendly filter.
  • Approved for use with both Bio-Diesel and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels.
  • Removes entrained water from diesel fuel.
  • Removes emulsified water from diesel fuel.
  • Filters to a 10 Micron level.
  • This Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter contains the Stratapore Media for increased fuel filtration levels.

This Fleetguard FS1001 Replacement Fuel and Water Separator Filter for the following FASS Fuel Air Separation Systems:

  • FASS Heavy Duty Series
  • FASS HD  Series
  • FASS 150 Series
  • FASS Versatile Series
  • FASS Titanium Series with the gunmetal gray color

Fleetguard FS1001 Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter Specification

  • Overall Height is 202.69 mm  or 7.98 inches
  • The largest OD is 93.47 mm  or 3.68 inches
  • Seam OD     93.22 mm  or 3.67 inches
  • Gasket OD     71.88 mm  or 2.83 inches
  • GASKET ID    62.48 mm or 2.46 inches
  • Thread Size    1-14 UNS-2B
  • Standpipe     YES
  • EFFICIENCY, TWA BY SAE J 1985 98.7 %
  • MICRON RATING BY SAE J 1985 10 Micron

Fleetguard FS1001 Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter Cross References:

  • FASS FS-1001
  • Cummins 3413084
  • FASS XWS-1002 Extreme Water Separator

This Fleetguard FS-1001 is a direct replacement diesel fuel water separator filter for FASS HD, FASS 150 Series, and the Titanium Series lift pumps. 

KLM Performance offers quantity discounts on all Fleetguard Cummins Filtration products when you purchase three or more filters or test kits in a single order.

  • by KLM Performance
  • Engine : Any diesel engine using a FASS Heavy Duty, HD,150, Versatile, and Titanium Series lift pump.
  • Fuel Type: Diesel Fuel
  • Filtration Level: Ten Micron
  • Fuel Flow Rate: Ten to Two hundred Sixty-Five Gallons Per Hour.
  • Manufacturer Part No: FS1001
  • Product Application: FASS Heavy Duty, HD,150, Versatile, and Titanium Series with the gunmetal grey color.
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 8
  • Brand: Fleetguard
  • FAQ: What is the drain interval of the Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter? KLM Performance recommends a regular drain schedule that is dependent upon the usage rate of the vehicle. Removing the entrained and emulsified water from this filter will prolong the life of this diesel fuel. 
  • Part Number: Fleetguard FS1001
  • Manufacturer: Fleetguard - Atmus Filtration Technologies
  • Product Note: This is a 10-micron-rated diesel fuel water separator filter.

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