Fleetguard FS1006 Fuel Water Separator Filter

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Fleetguard Cummins Filtration FS1006 Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter

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FASS FS1006 Spin-On 10 Micron Fuel Water Separator Filter

Protect your fuel injection system with the Fleetguard FS1006 Fuel Water Separator Filter. Constructed with high-efficiency media, this filter will remove over 98% of all free water and 90% of all emulsified water. Keep your engine running smoothly with this reliable diesel fuel filter.

The Fleetguard FS1006 Water Separator applications:

  • Cummins V28 Series engines.
  • Cummins KV38 Series engines.
  • Cummins KV50 Series engines.
  • Cummins QSK60 Series engines.
  • Cummins KTA50 Series engines.
  • Cummins KTA-38 Series engines.
  • Cummins KTA38 Series engines.

Fleetguard FS1006 Replacement Fuel Water Separator benefits:

  • Removes the Emulsified Water
  • Removes Entrained Water from your diesel fuel.
  • This diesel fuel water separator filter features a spin-on drain valve at the bottom of the filter.
  • This diesel fuel filters at a 10 Micron level.
  • This diesel fuel filter contains the patented Stratapore filtration media.
  • This filter is an upgraded version of the Fleetguard FS1216 fuel filter.

Fleetguard Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter Cross References:

    • Atlas Copco 57622755
    • Baldwin BF1262
    • Baldwin BF4803
    • Cummins 3089916
    • Cummins 4095189
    • Hastings LFF1021
    • Komatsu 6002113110
    • Komatsu 6002113111
    • Komatsu 6003117550
    • Mann WK12-290
    • NAPA 183568

      What are the functions of this Fleetguard FS1006 Diesel Fuel Water Separator filter?

      1. To separate water from the fuel and remove large contaminants
      2. To separate free water from emulsified water from your diesel fuel.
      3. To ensure the correct level of free water in the fuel

      KLM recommends regularly draining this Water Separator FS1006 filter to remove the water contained within this filter regularly. Preventative draining maintenance will save you time with regard to future engine problems.

      Emulsified Water is the water dispersed within the diesel fuel that the FS1006 Water Separator removes. Regularly removing the water from this FS1006 fuel filter will help to prevent freeze-ups in your vehicle's fuel system during the winter months.

      Fleetguard FS1006 Water Separator Replacement Filter is MADE IN THE USA! 

      KLM Performance offers a quantity discount on all Fleetguard Cummins Filtration products when purchasing three or more units.

      Fleetguard FS1006 10 Micron Diesel Fuel Water Separator

      • by KLM Performance
      • Engine : KV38 | KV50 | V28
      • Flow Rate :
      • Fuel Type: Diesel Fuel
      • Filtration Rating: Ten Microns
      • Filter Media: Stratapore Filtration Media
      • Item Number: Fleetguard FS1006
      • Make: Cummins
      • Model
      • Year
      • Manufacturer Part No: Fleetguard FS1006
      • Product Application: Fleetguard FS1006 for Cummins V28, KV38, and KV50 engines Stratapore Media
      • Height: 8
      • Width: 8
      • Brand: Fleetguard
      • Part Number: FS1006
      • Manufacturer: Fleetguard - Cummins Filtration
      • Product Note: The Fleetguard Cummins Filtration FS1006 Fuel Water Separator Spin-On Filter ensures high-efficiency filtration with advanced filtration media that prevent water-related corrosion and ensures clean fuel systems.

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