Fluidampr 590601 Harmonic Damper Honda Acura B-Series


Fluidampr 590601

Fluidampr 590601 Harmonic Damper Honda Acura B-Series

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Fluidampr Honda B Series 590601 High-Performance Viscous Engine Harmonic Sport Compact Damper

The Fluidampr 590601 Sport Compact Viscous Crankshaft Vibration Damperis designed as a high-performance American Made viscous crankshaft damper for the Honda Motor Corporation B Series In-Line Four Cylinder Honda B16 Series, B17 Series, B18 Series, and B20 Series inline four-cylinder 16 Valve engines.

The Fluidampr 590601 Honda and Acura Sport Compact Harmonic Balancer is available for use on the entire B Series In-Line Four-Cylinder Engines series produced by the Honda Motor Corporation from 1988 to 2001. 

The Honda B-series engine family of Naturally aspirated Inline four-cylinder Dual Overhead Cam Engines automotive engines were produced by Honda Motor Corporation in 1988. The Honda B-series is the performance option featuring dual overhead cams along with the first application of Honda's VTEC system in some models. The Honda B Series engines use a number to identify the displacement of the engine, another letter, and in US-spec engines. The Japanese spec-engines are normally designated with a four-character alphanumeric designation. The B-series, the B20B variant, in particular, is not to be confused with the earlier Honda B20A engine introduced in 1985 and primarily available in the Prelude and Accord-derived vehicles from 1985-1991. At the same time, the series of the B engines may be similar in their displacement the difference in the unique features designated in each variant of the B series engines. 

They were made in 1.6 L (1,595 cc), 1.7 L (1,678 cc), 1.8 L (1,797 cc), 1.8 L (1,834 cc), and 2.0 litres (1,973 cc) variants, with and without VTEC (Variable valve Timing and Electronic lift Control). Later models have minor upgrades, including modifications to the intake valves and ports and piston tops, along with individual cylinder oil injectors (B18C models). They produce between 126 hp (94 kW; 128 PS) and 190 hp (142 kW; 193 PS), with some models capable of a redline over 8,500 rpm.

The basic design premise differs very little among the Honda B-Series engines. There are actually two different short blocks that are used for the entire series. The deck height is the main differing engine factor between these two short blocks.

The shorter deck height of 203.9 MM or 8.03 Inches is used in these B Series Four-Cylinder Engines:

  • B16 Series Engine
  • B17 Series Engine

The Honda B16 1.6 Liter 1,595 CC has appeared in six different forms over the years.

  • B16 Series
  • B16A Series First Generation
  • B16A Series Second Generation
  • B16B Series Type R
  • B16A1 Series
  • B16A2 Series
  • B16A3 Series
  • B16A5 Series
  • B16A6 Series

The Honda B17 1.7Liter 1,678 CC has appeared in two different forms over the years. 

  • B17 Series
  • B17A1 Series

The Honda B18 1.8 Liter 1,797 CC has appeared in Fifteen different forms over the years. 

  • B18 Series
  • B18A Series
  • B18A1 Series
  • B18A2 Series
  • B18B1 Series
  • B18B2 Series
  • B18B3 Series
  • B18B4 Series
  • JDM B18C Type R Series
  • B18C1 Series
  • B18C2 Series
  • B18C3 Series
  • B18C4 Series
  • B18C5 Series
  • B18C6 Type R Series
  • B18C7 Type R Series

The Honda B20 2.0 Liter 1,797 CC has appeared in Fifteen different forms over the years. 

  • B20 Series
  • B20B to B20B4 Series
  • B20B to B20B8 Series
  • B20Z2 Series
  • B20B JDM Series
  • B20A/B20B Series 

Fluidampr 530601 Honda High-Performance Sport Compact Crankshaft Balancer engine guide:

  • 2000 to 2003 2.0L Honda F20C 121.9 cu in 1997 cubic centimeter
  • 2004 to 2009 2.2L Honda F22C 134.0 cu in 2097 cubic centimeter

Fluidamper Honda Crankshaft Damper Vehicle Applications:

  • 1999 to 2005 Honda S2000 sold in Japan
  • 2000 to 2003 Honda S2000 sold in North America
  • 1999 to 2009 Honda S2000 sold in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia 
  • 2004 to 2009 Honda S2000 sold in North America
  • 2006 to 2009 Honda S2000 sold in Japan

    Fluidampr 590601 Viscous Crankshaft Damper Benefits:

    • Premium viscous style damper.
    • Reduced RPM loss during rapid shifting.
    • Damper Decreases Gearbox and Clutch noises.
    • Upgrade creates a long-lasting foundation for durability and performance.
    • Only a Viscous crankshaft damper protects your engine from destructive crankshaft torsional vibrations.
    • A smoother running engine gains both HP and Torque.
    • A Fluidampr reduces clatter when converting from the OEM dual mass flywheel to a single mass flywheel.
    • Reduces parasitic power loss by controlling engine vibrations.
    • Better Fuel Efficiency
    • A high-performance viscous damper will extend the life of the motor.
    • Improves Valve timing
    • Reduces crankshaft and bearing wear
    • No tuning is required for installation. Just bolt it on
    • Safely controls torsional vibrations at all RPMs and power levels.
    • Effectively compensates for changes in the rotational mass of built motors.
    • Continuously self-tunes in real-time to control vibrations at all engine speeds and power levels.
    • A Viscous Harmonic Damper prolongs engine life and reduces wear.
    • Long-lasting viscous silicone damper technology.
    • Dampers are Precision CNC machined in an ISO9001 Certified Facility.
    • High-Speed Computer Zero balanced high-grade steel components. 
    • No tuning or maintenance is required.
    • It never needs to be tuned or rebuilt to compensate for future engine changes

    Fluidampr 530601 Sport Compact F20C F22C Vibration Damper Specifications:

    • Material = Steel
    • Coated in a Black Zinc Finish
    • Outside Diameter of 5.65."
    • The unit weighs 5.8 pounds.
    • Internally Balanced Crankshaft Damper
    • The damper does not contain a pulley.
    • Certified SFI 18.1 Safety Rating
    • Three Pre-drilled M8 X 1 .25 X 20 MM holes.
    • Single Piece Construction
    • The Fluidampr 530601 damper is designed to use the OEM crank pulley removal tool.
    • Bore Diameter 1.1823"
    • Degree Marking Range TDC. BDC. 7, 9, 11, 15 deg
    • Degree Markings Engraved
    • Engine Balance Internal
    • Keyway Yes
    • Length 2.056"
    • Mounting Hardware Included No
    • Outside Diameter 5-1/2"

    NOTE: The Fluidampr 530601 Honda S200 Sport Compact Harmonic Balancer is currently on a National Back Order until May 29th. Your order will ship as soon as the back order has been cleared by Fluidampr.

    The Honda F20C and F22C1 were the high-performance inline-4 engines produced by integration in the Honda S2000. The Honda F20C and F22C1 Honda 4-cylinder automobile engines are designed to sit longitudinally for the rear-wheel-drive S2000 coupes.

    These engines are a distant relative to the F-series engines found in the mid-1990s Honda Accord and Prelude. Honda engineers utilized technology derived from Honda's racing engines in order to provide such high power output levels per liter. The F20C and F22C1 have two overhead cams with roller followers, a ladder-frame main bearing stiffener, a VTEC system for both the intake and exhaust camshaft, Fiber-Reinforced Metal cylinder liners (FRM), molybdenum disulfide-coated piston skirts for reduced friction, and uses a timing chain.

    The VTEC system consists of two separate cam lobe profiles. Variable cam phasing is not used. Roller followers are used to reducing friction in the valvetrain. The rocker arms are constructed using metal injection molding.

    The Honda Engine block is constructed of aluminum with a fiber-reinforced metal sleeve. A timing chain drives an intermediate gear, which drives the cams. The pistons are forged aluminum. The intake plenum was designed with minimal volume for fast engine response, and a 14 lb (6.4 kg) flywheel was fitted until 2004. A high-flow catalyst is supplied along with an exhaust air-injection system, which greatly decreases catalyst light-off time and cold emissions.

    The Fluidampr 530601 Engine Damper is MADE IN THE USA!

    NOTE: The Fluidampr 530601 Honda S200 Sport Compact Harmonic Balancer is currently on a National Back Order until May 29th. Your order will ship as soon as the back order has been cleared by Fluidampr.

  • Engine: 2.0L | 2.2L 
  • Flow Rate:
  • Item Number: FD 530601
  • Make: : Honda
  • Model: S2000
  • Year: 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 
  • Manufacturer Part No: FD 530601
  • Product Application: 2000 to 2009 Honda F20C and F22C inline four-cylinder engines. 
  • Height: 5
  • Width: 12
  • Brand: Fluidampr
  • FAQ:
  • Part Number: 530601
  • Manufacturer: Fluidampr
  • Beam Pattern:
  • Product Note: High-Performance American Made Viscous Crankshaft Damper for the optimum control of torsional vibrations at all power levels and engine RPMs.