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Custom Made Products

KLM Performance Custom Made Order Policy


When you place an order for a Custom Made To Order product, you are at this moment consenting to the terms and conditions posted for these products. You now understand that the item or items you are ordering are hand made, made to order items created in a production facility specifically for your order. 

All products listed and presented as a custom made order are a final sale and non-refundable. Custom made orders require additional time for production and testing. Custom made orders are labeled with estimated production times as these items are made to order. The creation of a Custom made orders usually occurs within the stated times for each product. The stated production time is only an estimate, and additional time requirements may occur before shipment. A custom order is an order which is not a stocked item and must be produced from the specification and or options chosen by you, the customer. A custom order is a new item that is built to meet the customer's exact specifications. This unique design may need to have modifications and adjustments done to the subject to allow for the best functionality or composition of the article ordered. The customer, when ordering custom-made products from the KLM Performance, understands and provides for the required time stated for custom-made products. KLM Performance will do its best to maintain the stated timelines; however, if a specific part is currently out of stock, additional time may be required to produce your order. KLM Performance is not responsible for delays in production or in the shipping of any custom made or particular order. KLM Performance will track your order from the beginning and will advise you as to the status of your order. 

Custom Made Order Cancellation:

KLM Performance does not provide a refund on custom-made products. Once A Custom Made product enters production, the cancellation of the order is no longer possible. We do not permit a refund on the order currently in production. 

Custom Made Order Modification:

KLM Performance does not allow alterations to the size, color, or application. If you have made an order error and the product has not entered production. You can place a new order for the correct product, and your initial order will be canceled and fully refunded. 

Custom Made Order Colors:

Items offered as a Custom Made product with a color choice are listed with a variety of available colors. KLM Performance Does Not Guarantee the Buyers Expectation of what the chosen color is perceived to be. The color selected by you the customer is the color that will be delivered. Color choices are not debatable or open to interpretation.

Custom Made Order Errors:

In the event you receive a Custom Made to order an item from us that is incorrect, please Contact Us with your order number in the subject line. KLM performance will be happy to assist you in exchange for the correct items originally ordered. KLM Performance reserves the right to cancel any order that is known to have errors. We will send you an email response if this event takes place with an explanation as to why this order has been terminated.

Custom Made Orders Are No Longer Possible Over The Phone:

KLM Performance will no longer take a Custom Made To Order Item over the phone. We have now ceased this possibility due to the actions of several customers. KLM Performance does its best to build your order with the criteria chosen by you, our customer. With this customer-supplied information, the Custom Made request is constructed. Please do not hold KLM Performance responsible for an error placed at the time of the order.

Custom Made Orders Are Delivered To The Card Holder Billing Address:

KLM Performance will only ship a custom made order to the cardholders billing address. No exceptions will be made so please don't ask us. If you would like your order shipped to a different address please use a credit card registered to that address to avoid any problems. Please do not hold KLM Performance responsible for an error placed with a different billing and shipping address at the time of the order.

Custom Made Orders Are Shipped With a Direct Signature Required: 

All Custom Made Orders require a signature for the delivery. Signatures for delivery are required due to the clever people who abused the system and have now affected all of our customers! We apologize for the actions of these people who have now affected everyone.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding a Custom Made product before ordering.