FASS Ford Powerstroke Adjustable Diesel Fuel Pumps

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FASS Ford Powerstroke Adjustable Diesel Fuel Pumps

FASS FA Series Adjustable Fuel Pumps For The Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engines

Shop KLM Performance an Authorized FASS Distributor for the FASS Adjustable Diesel Fuel Lift Pump for your Cummins Diesel engine. These FASS Ford Powerstroke Diesel Fuel Lift Pumps are the most versatile High Performance Diesel Fuel Pump on the market for the Powerstroke diesel engines. The FASS Adjustable Fuel pumps are designed to provide your Ford Powerstroke diesel engine with consistent fuel pressure and flow rates for maximum engine performance. These FASS Fuel System FA Series replacement lift pumps are available in preset High Pressure and Low-Pressure models. Your Ford truck with the Powerstroke diesel engine will not perform at the optimum level without the correct supply of diesel fuel. Without the proper amount of diesel fuel, you cannot make more power or adequately support the stock motor's real power output. The correct diesel fuel supply and pressure are why the FASS Adjustable lift pumps are so familiar with the Cummins diesel engines. FASS fuel systems FA Series lift pumps are available as a replacement option for the OEM lift pumps. The FASS Ford Powerstroke FA Series fuel pumps solve all of the problems associated with the factory lift pumps.

FASS Ford Powerstroke Adjustable Fuel Pumps are available for these Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engines:

These FASS Ford Diesel Fuel Lift Pumps are the most versatile High Performance Diesel Fuel Pump on the market for the Powerstroke diesel engines.

The FASS Ford FA Series Adjustable pump features:

  • It allows you to change the fuel pressure to the engine on the fly.
  • Boost Compensation Port
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge integration Port.
  • Fuel Flow Rates of 95 to 260 Gallon Per Hour.
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Range of 1 to 75 PSI.
  • FA Series diesel fuel pumps are sold as a complete kit with everything you need for installation.
  • A Lower cost alternative with all of the fuel your engine needs.

Keep your Ford Powerstroke diesel engine running strong with a FASS Fuel Systems Adjustable High-Pressure Fuel System. Choose the FASS Pump that has the proper fuel flow and pressure to meet the exact needs of your Powerstroke Diesel Engine.

Note: These FA Series pumps are a fuel pump only and must be used with your factory fuel filter.  We recommend that you do adjust the fuel pressure on your Ford Powerstroke diesel unless you have a fuel pressure gauge installed. If you have any questions about your FASS lift pump, please contact our technical support team.

These Ford Adjustable fuel pumps feature a Boost Compensation Port. This port allows the fuel pump to maintain consistent fuel pressure based on boost referencing from the turbo keeping fuel pressure in line with the needs of the diesel engine. You cannot make more power without supplying your Powerstroke with the correct amount of fuel. If you want more power and reliability get yourself a FASS Fuel Pump today!