Fuel Systems

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Fuel Systems

Fuel Systems

Diesel Fuel Systems
We specialize in fuel systems for your diesel engines. No matter what type of engine you have KLM Performance has the expertise to get you the correct products to solve your fuel supply issue. We offer high performance aftermarket fuel system from AirDog and FASS for your diesel trucks, cars, boats, tractors, and anything else with a diesel engine in it. With the installation of a new high performance diesel, fuel-air separation system you will experience performance gains. By eliminating the air in the diesel fuel, and the suspended containments your engine will consistently produce greater power and performance. When your diesel engine is supplied with purified diesel fuel at the correct fuel pressure, and flow rate you will discover explosive gains in horsepower and torque.

In a diesel engine, more fuel equals more power.  You can feel when you feed your engine more fuel and without the diesel fuel, it is unable to deliver more fiery power. 

Installing the correct electric diesel fuel pump offers the following benefits:

  • Longer fuel injection system life
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved drivability
  • Better engine performance
  • Improved fuel filtration

KLM Performance offers the following high performance diesel fuel system components for your needs:

If you are in need of any help with a diesel fuel system part or, application please feel free to call us at 203-210-7200 or Contact Us for more information.
We have the expertise to get your vehicle performing the way you want, and we will get you back on the road or water fast!