Oil Pressure Sensor

Oil Pressure Sensor

Oil Pressure Sensor

Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

The engine oil pressure sensor is used to measure the pressure oil the lubricating oil within the motor. The engine oil pump generates the oil pressure, and the oil pressure sensor is used to monitor the performance of the engine oil pump.  Engine oil pressure is critical for safe and prolonged engine operation. 

If you are having problems with the cold engine starts it could be the oil pressure sensor. The engine will not be able to start if the oil pressure sensor has failed.

As your lubricating oil is pressurized by the oil pump, it passes by the engine oil pressure sensor or oil pressure sender. The engine oil pressure sender monitors the pressure levels to make sure they stay within the engine manufactures the operating range. When the oil pressure goes outside of the manufacturer's recommended limits, a signal to the oil pressure gauge or oil pressure warning light on the dashboard will alert the driver that there is a problem.

What can an oil pressure sensor or sending unit do to an engine?

The oil pressure sensor will send the reading to the oil pressure gauge. In some vehicles, this sensor will also send a reading to the ECU that will shut down the engine or cause a No Start condition. These are an act of self-preservation for your motor so as not to damage the motor in a situation where you have low pressure. As low oil pressure may signify a weak oil pump, a really low oil level or a related fault which will damage the engine if not treated. However, the oil pressure sensors can go bad and send a faulty reading. 

We at KLM Performance strongly recommend addressing issues relating to low oil pressure immediately. Any problems relating to low oil pressure must be addressed without delay. Never continue to drive when your vehicle with low oil pressure. Any engine that is running with low or no oil pressure will seize the motor.

How To Determine if You Have a Faulty Engine Oil Pressure Sensor?

The engine oil pressure sensor is used to measure the engine’s oil pressure. It is necessary because if the engine is run with little or no oil pressure, the moving parts within the engine will not get lubricated, and the engine would seize. Typically, the engine will not be able to start if the oil pressure sensor has become defective. Power is routed through the starter when the engine is starting, and once the engine starts and the oil pressure is up, the power is routed through the oil pressure switch and the sensor unit.

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