Suction Tube Kits

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Suction Tube Kits

Fuel Tube Kits - Fuel Draw Straws - Fuel Draw Tube - Suction Tube Kit

Truck owners can now solve their fuel tank supply issues with one of these oversized fuel pickup tube assemblies. These are extra-large 5/8" pickup tube designed to support a High Performance Diesel Fuel Delivery System. Your high horsepower truck requires an increased rate of diesel fuel to make more power. 

Fuel Tube or Fuel Suction Tube installation benefits:

  • This diesel fuel supply upgrade eliminates the stock pickup assembly.
  • Reduces coefficient of friction in fuel supply due to the larger diameter tubing.
  • Supplies the required amount of fuel needed to support your high performance fuel pump.
  • The benefits from installing a larger diameter fuel draw tube is unrestricted fuel flow.
  • These kits will eliminate fuel restrictions at the tank. Install a suction tube kit to supply your engine with unrestricted fuel flow,
  • Maximize the flow rate of your lift pump.

KLM Performance offers the following Diesel Fuel Tube Kits to increase your fuel supply:

NOTE: These FASS 5/8" Tube Kits are supplied at a longer than required dimension. From the mounting surface, the pickup tube extends 17" down into the fuel tank. This new fuel supply makes the installation a "Cut to Fit" operation and allows for use in fuel tanks of different depths. The extra length also allows our 5/8" to be positioned over an aftermarket Fuel Tank Sump so that it is always pickup up fuel in the lowest part of the fuel tank.

The installation of a Fuel Sump is the most efficient means of supplying fuel from your tank to your fuel lift pump.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about what fuel system upgrade you need to meet your engine needs?