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AirDog PureFlow


AirDog 2 Micron Filter Set

AirDog - AirDog II - AirDog II 4G 2 Micron Replacement Fuel Filter Set

This replacement fuel filter set ensures the maximum life span of your entire fuel injection system by providing clean diesel fuel filtered at a two-micron level. This is a complete replacement diesel fuel filter set for your PureFlow AirDog Fuel Preparator.

The Pureflow AirDog Replacement Filter Set - 2 Micron filter sets contain:

  • One Fleetguard FF5613 - 2 Micron Diesel Fuel Filter
  • One Fleetguard FS19594 -  20 Micron Diesel Fuel Water Separator

The Fleetguard Direct Replacement 2 Micron Fuel Filter Set applications:

  • AirDog Fuel Preporator
  • AirDog II Fuel Preporator
  • AirDog II 4G Fuel Preporator

This AirDog Two Micron Filter Set Contains:

  • One FF5613 Two Micron Diesel Fuel Filter
  • One FS19594 Ten Micron Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter

AirDog 2 Micron Replacement Fuel Filter Set Specifications:

  • The 2 Micron Fleetguard FF5613 Fuel Filter is a direct replacement for the AirDog Fuel Air Separation Systems. This diesel fuel filter contains the Stratapore Media for enhanced filtration and sediment holding properties.
  • The Fleetguard FS19594 Fuel Water separator rated at 20 Microns and removes entrained water and emulsified water from your diesel fuel.
  • These Fleetguard Diesel Fuel filters are made a division of Cummins Filtration.
  • This filter set is offered as a premium grade filter alternative at a lower price point for your AirDog fuel preparator.

The AirDog 2 Micron filter set change intervals are:

  • 15,000 to 30,000 miles.
  • These replacement fuel filters ensure the proper flow of clean fuel and pressure by regularly servicing this fuel filter.
  • The AirDog Replacement Filter Set change interval is dependent upon the type and quality of fuel used.
  • The use of Bio-Diesel or Waste Vegetable Oil will reduce the change interval of this Replacement Fleetguard Filter Set.

Never travel without having a spare set of Fleetguard Airdog filters in your truck. You will be glad you have them if you ever get a bad load of diesel fuel.

Replacement 2 Micron Filter Set for the Pureflow AirDog Fuel Systems.

NOTE: This image is not an accurate representation of the filters contained within this AirDog Lift Pump filter set.

  • engine: All Diesel Engines
  • Flow Rate:
  • Item Number: ADFS2
  • Make: : Universal
  • model 
  • year 
  • Manufacturer Part No: ADFS2
  • Product Application: AirDog, AirDog II and AirDog II 4G Diesel Fuel Pumps
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 8
  • Brand: Fleetguard
  • FAQ:
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer: Fleetguard
  • Beam Pattern:
  • Product Note: This set of Fleetguard replacement diesel fuel filters for your AirDog lift pump provides superior Two Micron diesel fuel filtration at a lower point.

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