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PureFlow AirDog

Pureflow AirDog manufacturers Fuel Air Separation Systems and High Performance Raptor Lift Pumps for Diesel-powered trucks!

PureFlow AirDog® manufactures and supplies AirDog® Fuel Air Separation Systems and Raptor® high performance lift pumps for diesel engines. AirDog® works by using the Fuel Preporator®. The system can improve diesel engine performance by separating the entrained air from the fuel, also improve fuel economy through improved injection timing, increased power, and better fuel burn. The effectiveness has been proved over millions of miles and verified by the EPA and CARB Certified Olsen Ecological Laboratory testing under ISO 8178 8 Mode Test criterion. An engine equipped with the Fuel Preporator® has consistently shown a timely injection and will perform at peak power output and efficiency regardless of the fuel filter condition.

Pureflow AirDog Fuel Air Separation Systems provides the following benefits:

  • AirDog Lift Pumps provide removal of air and vapor from your fuel.
  • Removal of entrained and emulsified water from your fuel.
  • Consistently provides required pressure and flow of fuel for optimum performance.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Reduce exhaust emissions.
  • Improves diesel engine performance.
  • Increases Horsepower and Torque.
  • Improves throttle response
  • Increased top-end power
  • Longer fuel injector life
  • Smoother engine idle
  • Optimal fuel system lubrication

PureFlow AirDog® – Supplier and Manufacturer of Fuel Air Separator Systems and High Performance Lift Pumps

KLM Performance Inc. offers the complete line of Airdog, Airdog II, Airdog Raptor diesel fuel lift pumps, Airdog replacement filters, and accessories. 
If you are looking for a longer service life of your engine fuel injection system, increased fuel economy, improved fuel filtration or increased engine performance Airdog offers the diesel fuel pump you need. In the early 1990 PureFlow Technologies were producing the Fuel Preporator® for diesel engines. Since that time, their line of high performance diesel lift pumps and products has rapidly expanded to cover the most modern diesel engine applications.

The Pureflow AirDog lift pumps are available in multiple fuel flow delivery rates to meet your engine's power level.

  • The AirDog 100, AirDog II 100, and Raptor FP-100 Fuel pumps are recommended for Stock Horsepower to 500 Horsepower.
  • The AirDog 150, Raptor FP-150 Fuel pumps, and AirDog II 165 and AirDog II-4G 165 units are recommended for 500 Horsepower to 800 Horsepower.
  • The AirDog II 200 and AirDog II-4G 200 units are recommended for 800 Horsepower and beyond.

Pureflow Airdog High Performance Diesel Fuel Pumps Prolong your Injector Life and Increase your Fuel Economy

KLM Performance offers the entire Line of PureFlow AirDog products for the Dodge, Ford, and Chevy Diesel Trucks. PureFlow AirDog fuel pumps provide the highest quality fuel air separation and filtration systems available for a diesel engine. AirDog also provides fuel pumps with improved flow and pressure for your diesel fuel. These incredible PureFlow AirDog, AirDog 2, and Raptor Lift Pumps provide the highest level of fuel filtration available for your modern diesel engine. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, or a Generator powered by a diesel engine.PureFlow AirDog has the right system for your exact application.

The current line of diesel fuel pumps produced by Airdog now includes:

Please feel free to contact KLM Performance with any questions you may have about a replacement diesel fuel lift pump or fuel-air separation system for your vehicle. KLM Performance Inc. is an Authorized Distributor of the PureFlow AirDog products.