ICON 64038 2017+ Ford Super Duty F250 / F350 Adjustable Track Bar

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ICON Vehicle Dynamics

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2017 To 2022 Ford F-250 / F-350 Super Duty Adjustable Track Bar

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ICON 64038 2017-Up Super Duty F250 / F350 Adjustable Track Bar



2017 to 2022 Ford Super Duty F250 / F350 Adjustable Track Bar

The ICON Vehicle Dynamics 64038 Ford 4X4 Adjustable Track Bar is an extremely modern and durable track bar for lifted Ford Super Duty trucks. The 64038 Icon's Adjustable Track Bar is an easy, low-cost alignment solution for your 2017 to 2022 Super Duty! The Icon's Vehicle Dynamics Ford Super Duty Adjustable Track Bar is carefully designed and manufactured to handle the most extreme off-road or on-road driving conditions.

ICON 64038 Adjustable Pan Rod Bar is for the following Ford vehicles.

  • 2017 4-Wheel Drive Ford F250
  • 2017 4-Wheel Drive Ford F350
  • 2018 4-Wheel Drive Ford F250
  • 2018 4-Wheel Drive Ford F350
  • 2019 4-Wheel Drive Ford F250
  • 2019 4-Wheel Drive Ford F350
  • 2020 4-Wheel Drive Ford F250
  • 2020 4-Wheel Drive Ford F350
  • 2021 4-Wheel Drive Ford F250
  • 2021 4-Wheel Drive Ford F350
  • 2022 4-Wheel Drive Ford F250
  • 2022 4-Wheel Drive Ford F350

The ICON 64038 adjustable panrod bar benefits:

  • On truck adjust-ability.
  • Heavy Duty dual-stage polyurethane bushings.
  • This track bar prevents the axle from moving off its fixed position.
  • The superior construction of this track bar ensures dependability.
  • Black Powder-coated to ensure long-term survival in all climates.
  • Designed and manufactured to handle off-road conditions 

    The 64038 ICON Vehicle Dynamics® Adjustable Trackbar Kit contains:

    • One 167021 Heim Spacer jm16 x 0.812 x 1.750
    • Two 167027 Left/Right Adjuster Round
    • One 168001 Track Bar Ball Joint with Nut
    • One 295513 JM16-1T, 1-14 LH PTFE Lined Rod End.
    • One 605145 3/8-16 x 1.000 12pt Screw
    • Two 605951 Spiral Retaining Rings

    The ICON 64038 Ford Adjustable Track Bar works on:

    • Stock truck owners who want to eliminate uneven front tire wear.
    • Trucks lifted 2.5" to 9."
    • Ford Super Duty vehicles with more than 6" of lift require the use of a pan rod bar drop-down bracket.

    The ICON Ford adjustable track bar features:

    • This Ford Adjustable track bar is constructed of 1.5" O.D. DOM Tubing Shaft with 1/4" Steel Wall.
    • Track Bar is CNC bent for a precise OEM fitment.
    • It uses a Premium quality Rod End With a bearing that offers excellent durability.
    • The threaded left/right adjuster allows easy on-truck adjustability for the perfect front-end alignment.
    • It does not have to be removed from the truck for adjustments

    The ICON 64038 Ford F250 / F350 Adjustable Pan Rod Bar benefits:

    • It helps eliminate the notorious "Death Wobble" the Fords have when you alter the truck's ride height.
    • Will realign your front-end track alignment within factory specifications.
    • It helps to control the uneven front tire wear!
    • It can be adjusted right on the truck without having to take it off.
    • Large polyurethane joints ensure minimal deflection and prevent the axle from moving left to right.
    • It will allow you to center the axle side to side and ensure proper suspension geometry.
    • It provides a much tighter feel to the front end by eliminating the O.E.M rubber bushings.
    • Allows for centering the front axle allowing it to track correctly under the truck vs. offset to the side.
    • This track bar is adjustable from 36.75” to 37.75”. The stock OEM Ford non-adjustable track bar measures 36.91” from eye to eye.
    • The threaded adjuster allows for easy on-the-truck adjustment for the perfect front-end alignment.

    NOTE: ***Any Ford Super Duty Truck with a Lift-over 6" will require the use of a Drop Down Bracket for the proper installation and alignment of a Pan Rod Bar.***

    ICON 64038 4X4 Ford Super Duty Adjustable Pan Rod Bar is MADE IN THE USA!

    • by KLM Performance
    • Engine : 6.7L Powerstroke | 6.2L SOHC EFI V8
    • Item Number: IVD 64038
    • Make: Ford
    • Model : F250 | F350
    • Year : 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022
    • Manufacturer Part No: 64038
    • Product Application: 2017 to 2022 Ford F250 and F350 4X4 Super Duty Trucks.
    • Height: 5
    • Width : 5
    • Brand: ICON Vehicle Dynamics
    • FAQ :
    • Part Number: 64038
    • Manufacturer: ICON Vehicle Dynamics
    • Product Note Installation of the ICON Vehicle Dynamics 64038 Ford Super Duty Adjustable Track Bar allows you to center the front axle with side to side on truck adjustability to ensure proper suspension geometry and minimize steering wear.

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