KLM Performance Engine Oil and Coolant Analysis Test Kit

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Fleetguard Engine Coolant And Oil Sample Analysis Test Kit

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KLM Performance Engine Analysis Test Kit

KLM Performance offers you a combined engine analysis test which provides an in-depth analysis of the health of your engine. This Cummins Filtration Fleetguard Monitor System Analysis Sample Test Kit combines two of the most popular kits into a single Engine Analysis test kit at a lower cost for our valued customers. Many customers use the KLM Performance Engine Oil and Coolant Analysis Test Kit prior to making a purchase of used equipment. The detailed analysis of these engine fluids informs you of what maintenance issues are ahead for your engine,

This Cummins Filtration Monitor Sample Analysis Kit includes the following test kits: 
1mL Fleetguard CC2525 Cummins Monitor Oil Sample Analysis Kit Test Kit
1mL Fleetguard CC2700 Cummins Monitor Coolant System Analysis Sample Test Kit

Fleetguard Cummins Filtration Cummins Monitor Oil Sample Analysis Kit CC2525

The use of an oil analysis kit provides the best way to monitor the health of your engine or power train by submitting an oil sample for a complete analysis of the contaminants. This oil analysis kit provides an accurate picture analysis of engine health for all motors! During engine operation, all oil-lubricated parts are subjected to wear. The use of the engine causes the Internal microscopic particles to separate from the engine's internal components and become captured by the oil throughout the engine. The use of an oil analysis kit helps determine what actions need to be taken. Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring a long engine life.

This Cummins Filtration Oil Sample Kit from Fleetguard CC2525 kit includes the following tests to evaluate engine wear and contamination.

  • A Spectrograph Analysis of the 24 metals used to build an engine,
  • This analysis is used to establish the levels of wear metals, silicon, and additives present in the oil. 
  • Fuel dilution rating is used to determine the amount of diesel fuel that has passed the piston rings. This is also known as blowby.
  • Soot Contamination rating to quantify the percentage of solids contained within the oil.
  • Percent of water contamination in the lubricant.
  • All LubeScan kits are sent to ALS, a global testing service, for analysis.
  • This Oil Analysis Kit will check for the presence and content levels of metals and other elements, such as aluminum, chromium, iron, copper, lead, calcium, and more. Knowing the levels of these materials can help you identify wear patterns in a specific part of the engine. High amounts of wear metal usually indicate abnormal wear or corrosion problem.
  • The Oil Sample Kit analysis will also determine the levels of insoluble matter like carbon, fuel, and dirt. These contaminant levels determine the rate at which the oil is oxidizing and receiving contaminants and how effectively the system's oil filtration is functioning.
  • The Fleetguard Oil Sample Analysis Kit analysis will measure the oil’s viscosity, its alkalinity or acid level, and if the proper level of detergents and anti-wear additives are present. 
  • The Fleetguard Oil Sample Analysis Kit provides the details required to determine the overall condition of the sample, ranging from normal to severe.
  • If you’ve used the Fleetguard Oil Sample Analysis Kit prior to this report, you will be able to see any changes from earlier testing.

The Fleetguard Engine Lubricating Oil Sample Analysis Kit includes:

  • Container for collecting the engine oil
  • A Shipping bottle for your engine oil sample.
  • A shipping label with four different mailing label addresses to enable rapid transit time to the testing facility.
  • Instructions for online access to your fluid analysis test result.

This oil analysis kit provides an easy way to determine the health of your equipment. This lubricant test kit is designed for use in the following lubrication fluid applications:

  • Diesel Engine
  • Gasoline Engine
  • Natural Gas Engine
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Manual Transmission
  • Differential
  • Final Drive
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Planetary Drives

This oil sample analysis kit is for sampling and testing the engine oil, transmission oil, final drive fluid, or hydraulic oil for contaminants which is then used to determine what is occurring in the system being tested. This oil analysis is best achieved over a period, and regular tests can provide an early indication of a developing problem or let you know that the Cummins engine is working just fine. You would want to start with a fresh oil change to get a baseline and test the oil at an oil change to see what the level of contaminants is.

KLM Performance strongly recommends obtaining a tracking number for the return shipment of your fluid sample with the carrier of your choice.

FLEETGUARD CC2525 Oil Sampling Analysis Kit for all types and makes of both gasoline and diesel engines.

Nothing Guards Like Fleetguard® Cummins Filtration Offers the premier level of engine protection. Cummins® Filtration is the industry leader in filtration products. Fleetguard offers a full line of filters specifically engineered for a wide range of applications. Using their patented filtration media and high quality performance to provide the ultimate protection level for your equipment.

Fleetguard® engineers all of their products to meet or exceed OEM specifications to ensure engines and other systems obtain their maximum life expectancy. With the industry's most inclusive and comprehensive warranty, Fleetguard ensures your diesel engine's maximum run time. Fleetguard® offers over 8,300 products covering the widest range of air, lube, fuel, and hydraulic filters in the heavy duty industry.

Fleetguard Cummins Filtration Single Cummins CC2700 Monitor Coolant System Analysis Sample Test Kit

Monitor the health of your engine's coolant by submitting a sample for a complete analysis of the suspended contaminants. This coolant kit provides a review of the health of your engine. The Fleetguard Coolant, Testing and Analysis kit is for all types of liquid-cooled motors. Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring a long, trouble-free engine lifespan. Having the ability to see what is going on inside the engine and its cooling system is a vital key to catching a problem. This coolant sample kit is for the testing of One sample of coolant.

The Individual Fleetguard CC2700 Chemical Coolant Sample Kit includes:

  • One Three Ounce - 90 ML Container for collecting the coolant sample
  • One Shipping bottles
  • One Return mailing address labels

What Coolant Tests are included in the Fleetguard CC2700 Coolant Analysis Kit?

Fleetguard Monitor™ Coolant System Analysis Package Tests Included:

  • Molybdate/Nitrite Levels (SCA Units/gal) Determines the number of chemicals available to combat liner pitting. Advises you of potential pitting problems and required corrective action.
  • pH Level Checks acid/base balance. Alerts you when acidity/alkalinity reaches levels that can lead to damaging corrosion.
  • Hardness, Chlorides, and Sulfates expressed in PPM - parts per million test for dissolved minerals in makeup water. NOTE: This test is not run on a used coolant. Helps you follow OEM recommendations for make-up water by notifying you when corrosion and scale-causing chemicals are at excessive levels.
  • The complete analysis of Corrosion Products is a Spectroscopic test for iron, copper, lead, and aluminum. This test Signals corrosion in your cooling system.
  • A silicate Level Test is a highly accurate spectroscopic measurement of silicate content. The level of silica content test is used to determine if coolant gel plugging is occurring in the coolant system. Coolant Gel plugging is caused by high levels of silicate in the coolant.
  • Antifreeze Percent and Freeze Point Test. A highly accurate antifreeze percentage test. Helps you follow OEM antifreeze concentration recommendations and avoid summer boil-over, winter freezing, and antifreeze waste.
  • Coolant Analysis provides the TDS Total Dissolved Solids determination. Alerts you to current levels of TDS that can cause water pump leakage issues.
  • Buffers Test - Test for the accurate buffer of phosphate and borate levels present to ensure that the acid neutralization capabilities of coolant are adequate.

This Fleetguard Cummins Filtration CC2700 Coolant Sample Analysis Test Kit Contains One Test Kit!

Fleetguard Coolant Analysis Test Kit Cross References:

  • BALDWIN CTK-5026-A
  • BALDWIN CTK-5026-B


  • by KLM Performance
  • Engine : All Engines Using A Liquid Coolant Solution and Lubricating Oil
  • Item Number: KLM Performance O/C Kit
  • Make: 
  • Model: 
  • Year: 
  • Manufacturer Part No: KLM O/C Kit
  • Product Application: Any 4 Cycle Gasoline, Transmission, Final Drive, Gear Box, Hydraulic System, or Diesel Powered Engine.
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 8
  • Brand: KLM Performance
  • FAQ: Where do I take my coolant sample from on the engine? For the optimum test results, obtaining a coolant sample from the radiator is best. Do not take the sample from the coolant reservoir. Why should I use an Engine Coolant Test Kit? The use of a Fleetguard engine coolant analysis test kit as a part of your preventative maintenance program will provide insight to obtain maximum system efficiency and identify potential problems before they become catastrophic failures. What is the benefit of using the MONITOR Oil Analysis Test Package? The regular use of the Monitor Oil Analysis test kit provides you with the Oil Analysis of your test fluid as an advanced diagnostic, preventive maintenance, and service analysis. This Fluid analysis is designed to evaluate lubricant condition, component wear, and contamination in engines, hydraulic systems, and transmissions. The full test analysis report is communicated by an independent laboratory for each sample submitted.
  • Part Number: KLM O/C Kit
  • Manufacturer: Fleetguard Cummins Filtration
  • Product Note: The use of an Engine Coolant Analysis test kit proactively identifies maintenance deficiencies or mechanical issues that lead to a potential cooling system failure. Preventive cooling system maintenance helps ensure against the very costly effects of corrosion, cavitation, localized overheating, and electrolysis. This Fleetguard Oil Analysis Kit to a lubricant test kit is designed for use on the following lubrication fluid analysis applications Diesel Engine, Gasoline Engine, Natural Gas Engine, Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission, Differential, Final Drive, Hydraulic Systems, or Planetary Drives.

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