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ARP Ford Powerstroke Connecting Rod Bolts

ARP Ford Powerstroke Connecting Rod Bolts

ARP manufactures the highest quality American Made Connecting Rod Bolts for the Ford Powerstroke diesel engines. When factory connecting rods or high performance aftermarket connecting rods are used for a rebuild or a power increase you need the best connecting rod bolts available. The ARP Pro Series Wave Loc Connecting Rod Bolts provide a secure connection of the aftermarket connecting rods in your Ford Powerstroke Diesel engine.ARP has the strongest and most reliable connecting rod bolts for your Ford Powerstroke on the market today!

ARP Ford Diesel Rod Bolt Kits

Connecting Rod Bolts are unquestionably the most important fasteners in any engine. These bolts hold the key to the entire rotating assembly. A broken bolt will lead to a catastrophic engine failure. As you can imagine, the most critical joint is where the connecting rod halves mate. The rod bolts must support the primary tension loads caused by each rotation of the crankshaft.  When the crankshaft rotates, the big end of the connecting rod essentially becomes oval-shaped, and the rod bolts bend.  As the crankshaft continues to rotate, the rod becomes round again. With alternating tension loads and cyclic bending of the bolts, it is critical to install the proper fasteners that can exert a clamping force greater than the burden imposed upon the joint.

The ARP Pro Series rod bolts for the Ford Powerstrokes made from a premium grade ARP2000 alloy steel. This high performance composite material is heat-treated to provide a tensile strength in the 220,000 psi range. Cycle testing shows ARP High Performance Rod Bolts to be nearly five times more reliable than stock bolts. These ultra heavy-duty rod bolts are made from a particular material designated ARP2000. It has approximately 200% the fatigue life of 8740 chrome-moly steel and has a tensile strength of about 220,000 psi, and is capable of more than 12,000 lbs. Clamping force. ARP also provides another significant advantage being the shank design, with ARP’s exclusive (and patented) Wave-Loc technology providing substantial benefits. Because there are relatively wide tolerances in factory bolt holes, the bolt must be able to fit snugly, and a knurl is applied. Unfortunately, these knurls cut deep into the bolt material, leaving sharp edges and enormous “stress risers” that promote failure. That's why ARP developed the ARP Wave-Loc design that features symmetrical waves and provides an adequate interference fit without creating stress risers in the bolt or the rod. The ARP “PRO” SERIES WAVE-LOC bolts designed for the most severe applications using aftermarket I-beam rods.

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