MAF Sensor - Mass Airflow Sensor

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MAF Sensor - Mass Airflow Sensor

What Does a Mass Airflow Sensor Do?

Your mass airflow sensor or “MAF” is used to measure the volume of air entering your engine by heating up a thin wire or resistor. The ECM computer in your vehicle then measures this electrical resistance through the MAF as the air flowing through the sensor cools its components down. With a firm understanding of how much air is flowing into your engine, the computer can then precisely direct your fuel injectors timing and delivery rates to alter the fuel-air mixture for optimum engine operation based on the current operating environment. 

Where is the Mass Airflow Sensor MAF Sensor Located on my engine?

The MAF sensor is usually located between the air filter and the intake plenum on your engine. The MAF sensor is one of many different sensors used on your engine's intake system to optimize engine efficiency. The Mass Airflow Sensor is used to precisely track the output curves and maintain specified tolerances designed to provide accurate feedback to the vehicle's engine control management / ECM system for proper operation.

These other sensors located in the intake airway system known as the:

How To Tell If Your Mass Air Flow Sensor Is Bad?

If your MAF sensor is malfunctioning the following systems may occur. A faulty MAF Sensor must be addressed quickly. KLM Performance strongly recommends addressing this issue as soon s possible to prevent major damage from occurring with your engine! Numerous issues can arise causing the MAF Sensor to send improper signals, one of which is running a dirty air filter or if the sensor becomes contaminated with particles or excess oil applied to your aftermarket air filter. These conditions will adversely affect the operation of your motor causing the following symptoms to appear. 

Symptoms of a Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor:

  • A decrease in engine power.
  • The engine is hard to start or turn over
  • The engine stalls shortly after starting
  • The vehicle experiences hesitation from a dead stop.
  • Normal acceleration rates are much slower.
  • The engine runs rich while idling or lean while running
  • There is an excessive amount of exhaust smoke.
  • Abnormal engine noises are now occurring.
  • A major decrease in your fuel efficiency is now happening.
  • The Check Engine Light is illuminated

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