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Cummins ISX Spin-On Oil Filter LF9080 by Fleetguard

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Cummins ISX Spin-On Oil Filter LF9080 by Fleetguard

Fleetguard Cummins Filtration Has made the LF9080 Lube Filter Obsolete. Please see the Nanonet Filters that have superseded this lube filter for your Cummins diesel engine.

Fleetguard LF9080 Lube Filter for Cummins Trucks has now been replaced with the Nanonet Lube Filters known as the Fleetguard LF14000NN lubrication filter and the Fleetguard LF14001NN lubrication filter.

The Fleetguard Lubrication Filter 9080 Oil Filter is approved for the following Cummins engine series:

  • ISX engines
  • ISM engines
  • QSX engines
  • QSM engines
  • M11 engines.

This LF9080 Oil Filter is a Cummins replacement oil filter that features:

  • Venturi™ Combo Filter that provides high-efficiency filtration for extended oil service intervals.
  • Offers class-leading protection to the engine and components.
  • Constructed with a Full-Flow plus Stacked Disc design delivers optimum performance.
  • Provides proven reliable operation.
  • Maximize your equipment operating time and lower the associated costs.
  • Oil Filter contains the patented StrataPore™ Media with a gradient density which provides high oil flow efficiency.
  • Low cold start restriction and high capacity for contaminant retention.
  • This Fleetguard LF9080 Lube Filter for Cummins-powered trucks is sold with the gasket for the proper leak-free installation.

Fleetguard LF9080 ESI Diesel Oil Lube Spin-On Filter Cross References:

  • Cummins 3406809
  • Cummins 3101869
  • Hastings LF499
  • Baldwin BD7154
  • Baldwin BD7154
  • Hastings LF499
  • Wix 57746XD
  • Napa 7746XD
  • Donaldson P559000
  • Luberfiner LFP9001

Cummins recommends replacing the ISX LF9080 Oil Filter Change interval is: 25,000 Miles, 800 Hours, or 6 Months. Fleetguard LF9080 Replacement oil filter has now been superseded by the new and improved Fleetguard LF14000NN and LF14001NN lube filters.

Cummins LF14000NN ISX Oil Filter Specifications:

  • Outside Diameter: 4.68 in
  • Height: 11.602 in
  • Thread Size: M95 X 2.5-7H INT

The Benefits of using this Fleetguard LF14000NN and LF14001NN Oil Filters on your Cummins diesel engine:

  • Longer service intervals Reduced maintenance costs Lower operating costs.
  • Longer component life.
  • Fine particle removal extends engine life.
  • Filter Protects Turbos and Fuel Injection Equipment.
  • Protects highly loaded components such as the valve train,
  • Sludge removal for a cost-saving oil.
  • Extended oil change interval options.
  • Removes soot and sludge introduced into the oil by the latest after-treatment systems

NOTE: This Fleetguard LF9080 Oil Filter has now been discontinued by Flleetguard. This oil filter has now been superseded with the Fleetguard LF14000NN oil filter for improved filtration and longevity.

  • by KLM Performance
  • Engine : Cummins ISX
  • Flow Rate :
  • Item Number: FG LF9080
  • Make: Cummins 
  • Model: Diesel
  • Year
  • Manufacturer Part No: LF9080
  • Product Application: Cummins ISX Engines
  • Height: 16
  • Width : 6
  • Brand: Fleetguard
  • FAQ :
  • Part Number: LF14000NN
  • Manufacturer: Fleetguard - Cummins Filtration
  • Product Note: Fleetguard LF14000NN NanoNet Oil Filter will be shipped for the now discontinued Fleetguard LF9080 oil filter.

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