Fleetguard Stratapore Filtration Media

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Fleetguard Stratapore Filtration Media

Fleetguard Filters With Stratapore Media

The Fleetguard Stratapore filtration media is a proprietary technology used in Fleetguard fuel filters, oil filters, and processors. This advanced filtration media is designed to deliver best-in-class performance and meets or exceeds OEM quality and performance. Stratapore is a multi-layered synthetic medium that is capable of removing the smallest contaminants that cause the most engine damage and fuel. This Synthetic media type is stronger and more durable than traditional cellulose and microglass media, ensuring a cleaner fuel and oil supply for maximum engine life. The Stratapore media is used in various Fleetguard products, including fuel/water separators and oil filters, to protect vital fuel injection system components from contaminants like dirt, rust, and water.

The benefits of the Fleetguard Stratapore filtration media include:

  • The Stratapore Media is a synthetic fiber media that is applied in several layers for finer filtration as contaminants pass through the media.
  • The Fleetguard Stratapore Filtration Media is engineered to support extended drain intervals, which means less frequent filter changes and potentially lower maintenance costs.
  • The Fleetguard filters are reported to be 50% efficient multipass at 7 microns, allowing for very little pressure drop while maintaining high filtration efficiency.
  • The Stratapore media has been proven to reduce engine wear by as much as 60% in some applications, contributing to a longer engine life.
  • The major advantage of the Fleetguard Stratapore Filtration Media is that when compared to traditional cellulose filter media, Stratapore synthetic media provides a higher capacity for holding contaminants.
  • Stratapore offers the Maximum strength and durability for your filtration needs.
  • The best fuel/water separation efficiency is available.
  • Reduced restriction to flow when used in cold weather applications. 
  • Approved for use in extended service interval applications. 
  • Fleetguards unique melt-blown manufacturing process produces layers composed of continuous, high-strength polymeric fibers resulting in a stronger, more durable bond that maintains media strength.

The StrataPore synthetic media is a proprietary technology that outperforms traditional cellulose or microglass media. It offers better particle removal and a longer lifespan. StrataPore has the unique ability to optimize individual media layers for the required particle size, making it highly effective in extended service environments. Its superior technology has been recognized by the filtration industry, including an award for innovative design from the American Filtration Society.

These benefits contribute to better protection of engine components, leading to improved performance and durability of the vehicle’s engine and high-pressure fuel injection system.