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Heavy Duty Harmonic Dampers

Vibratech Heavy Duty Harmonic Dampers

Vibratech TVD is the inventor of viscous damper technology and has been manufacturing heavy duty viscous crankshaft dampers in the U.S.A. since 1946. Viscous vibration dampers are one of the most critical engine components required for long term trouble-free engine life of your diesel engine.

These Heavy Duty diesel engine torsional vibration dampers are available for these applications:

  • Almost all class 8 truck
  • Stationary power generators
  • Fluid Transfer Stations
  • Locomotive diesel engine
  • Many more engines.

KLM Performance offers the Vibratech Viscous Crankshaft Dampers for these diesel engines:

Viscous crankshaft dampers operate at any RPM range and power level which is vital seeing as torsional vibrations occur at all engine RPMs and power levels. Torsional vibration is created each time the piston travels through the cylinder. A torque spike is created from the air-fuel mixture combustion; this combustion produces a torque spike which is then transmitted to the piston/connecting rod and then the crankshaft. Even if you run your diesel engine at a constant RPM, the damaging torsional vibrations are being exerted on the crankshaft, main bearings, and accessory drives. Torsional vibration must be controlled, and only a viscous damper can self-tune in real-time to control these forces. The installation of a Vibratech viscous torsional crankshaft damper on your massive duty diesel engine will control these vibrations.

Why do I need to replace my Viscous Crankshaft Damper?

We have learned that after selling these dampers for over twelve years that there are two kinds of diesel engine owners:

Those who read there owners manual and performed the required services at the proper intervals and those who read something on the internet and choose to just keep going. The owner who wisely spent money on a replacement damper is on the road and making money. The owner who did not replace the vibration damper and just had a crankshaft snap is now looking for a complete replacement engine. The bottom line is that replacing your crankshaft damper will allow you to obtain the longest service life possible form your high performance diesel engine. A damper replacement will lower the overall operating costs of running a diesel engine.

Vibratech TVD Today

Today Vibratech TVD is the largest U.S. manufacturer of viscous dampers. Vibratech TVD offers viscous crankshaft dampers ranging from 5” to 56” for the most popular diesel engines used for on and off-highway trucking, marine, and stationary power applications. The viscous style of the crankshaft damper has since become an industry standard. Vibratech continues to supply to original equipment manufacturers from their ISO 9001:2008 certified precision machining
facility in the United States. Vibratech is both an OEM original equipment manufacturer and an after-market replacement manufacturer of precision crankshaft dampers. These Vibratech TVD viscous torsional dampers can be found protecting business-critical equipment in the agriculture, marine, mass transit, off-highway, oil & gas, over-the-road, rail, power generation, and defense industries.

Vibratech TVD is a global leader in viscous damper manufacturing, engineering, and torsional vibration analysis for gas engines, diesel engines, and power train applications. If you have increased the power output of your truck now is the time to consider a high performance crankshaft damper.

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