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FASS HD Fuel Filters FASS 150 Series Fuel Filters FASS Versatile Fuel Filters

FASS Heavy Duty - 150 Series -  Versatile Filters

FASS fuel filters offer premium diesel fuel filtration to keep your fuel system running clean, efficient, and powerful. All of the filters listed on this page serve as replacement filters for the following FASS Fuel Air Separation Systems with Red-colored bodies.

  • FASS 150 Series Lift Pumps
  • FASS HD Series Lift Pumps
  • FASS Versatile Lift Pumps

These diesel fuel filter sets for your HD series fuel pump are available as:

These FASS HD Series replacement diesel fuel filters are available individually as:

The FASS Water Separators are available in a 20 Micron rating or 10 Micron rating that effectively removes the entrained and emulsified water from your diesel fuel. KLM Performance will now fulfill all Water Separator filter orders with a Fleetguard Filter rated at 10 Microns as FASS has now discontinued the FASS FS-1001 filter.

These FASS HD Series replacement diesel fuel water separator filters are available as:

 KLM Performance has all the replacement fuel and water separator filters for your FASS fuel air separation system.

These are replacement filters for the older generation of FASS Fuel Air Separation Systems known by these names:

  • FASS HD Series
  • FASS 150 Series
  • FASS Versatile Series

Please feel free to Contact Us if you need any assistance in determining the correct fuel filters for your Fuel Air Separation System 

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