Fuel Air Separation Systems - Fuel Preparator Fuel Filters

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Fuel Air Separation Systems - Fuel Preparator Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters

KLM Performance stocks a full series of replacement diesel fuel filters and diesel water separators filters for your FASS or AirDog diesel lift pump and diesel fuel-air separator system.

These replacement fuel filters are available for the:

Please see all of the options we have available to meet your replacement filter needs for your AirDog or FASS lift pump. KLM Performance offers all of these AirDog and FASS Replacement filters as direct factory replacements. By changing the fuel filters at regular intervals you allow your lift pump and fuel air separation system to work with less restriction. Lower fuel flow restriction on the fuel pump motor will help ensure a long trouble-free pump life and the highest level of engine performance.

These Replacement Fuel Filters provide protection to your vehicle's entire fuel injection system by removing the suspended contaminants from your diesel fuel. For the best engine performance possible remember to change your AirDog fuel filters at regular intervals. The Lift Pump Fuel Filter change intervals are between 15,000 to 30,000 miles based on fuel quality. This fuel filter change interval is subject to the type and quality of fuel consumed.

Please remember to keep a spare set of Replacement Filters in your truck at all times. We offer quantity discounts on these filters.

Please feel free to call us at 203-210-7200 or Contact Us if you have any questions regarding fuel filters for your fuel pump.